A little bit about us, we are a small business looking to bring more variety, style and personality to DIY interior lighting design. We are passionate about making your creative projects come to life, whether it be for a commercial setting or your own home. Our story started back in 2013, making lamps in the backyard. My partner and I have always been DIY lighting enthusiasts. We would spend hours on weekends rummaging around salvage yards searching for anything we could turn into a fancy lamp or lighting fixture. Most of what we collected were copper pipes, metal cages and vintage light parts. For us, the key aspect to designing any light source is creating soft, ambient light because there really is nothing worst than harsh lighting in any space. So, we decided to further develop this passion into a business and help other people design and create their own lighting. 

Browse from our range of brightly coloured fabric-woven electrical cord, speciality light bulbs and lighting accessories. All of our products are genuine and quality made interior lighting parts, which abide by Australian standards. Wooly Wire is located in Perth, Western Australia and we ship Australia wide only.